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Waterproof cold shrink tube used in telecommunication joints

In the mid-1960s, 3M company invented the cold shrink material technology. In the late 1980s, the northern United States tried to apply cold shrink tubing to cable joints. In 1994, 3M cold-shrinkable materials entered the Chinese market. From 1998 to 2002, cold-shrinkable materials were recognized in the market and became the most popular new technology product in China.

Most of the cold shrinkable tubes are used for the sealing and protection of cable connections. In order to adapt to a wider range of applications, the silicone rubber cold shrinkable tubes developed by KEHONG Electronics have a high shrinkage ratio and can be used for the protection of large diameter cables. 40/9-180mm silicone rubber cold shrink tubing is very popular among Korean customers. We have customized a lot of white for customers, and equipped with 40/12-150mm heat-shrinkable cable gland tubing with middle wall rubber tubing.

   However, during installation, if the installation personnel are not careful, the wrench will damage the surface of the silicone rubber cold shrinkable tube, and the cold shrinkable tube needs to be replaced at this time.

   In order to solve this problem, in addition to the silicone rubber cold shrinkable tube, the technical research and development personnel of Kehong Electronics have also developed a cold shrinkable tube made of EPDM rubber material, that is, EPDM cold shrinkable tube, which has strong tear strength and tensile strength. Compared with silicone rubber cold shrink tubing, EPDM cold shrink tubing has better UV resistance. If it is used outdoors, EPDM cold shrink tubing is definitely an ideal choice.

Due to the requirements of cable and cable waterproof and sealing, Kehong Electronics has also developed cold-shrinkable cable accessories for supporting use.



冷缩管大多数用于电缆连接的密封防护,为了适应更加广泛的应用,KEHONG 电子研制出的硅橡胶冷缩管,具有高收缩倍率,可用于大直径电缆的防护。40/9-180mm硅橡胶冷缩管备受韩国客户喜爱,我们给客户定做了大量白色,同时给配备了中壁含胶管40/12-150mm热缩电缆接头管。




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